Car Upholstery Cleaning 

Deep Hoovering +  Hot Water Extraction  with our cleaning products

(Free leather conditioner treatment for leather option)

Price list:
                                  FABRIC    LEATHER
Two seater Car
Sport/Roadster              45£            55£

Full Car Upholstery
(seats, carpets,
mats,boot)                      55£            65£

SUV Full Car
Upholstery                     70£            80£

MPV Full Car
(7 Seater)                       70£          100£

Lorry Full
Seats, carpets,
mattress, mats,                   100£

Lorry Optional
(chose what you                   45-100£
need )

Buss   seat                                7£

Buss floor                                 35£

Price Per
Additional Seat              7£              10£

Child Car Seat
Deep Cleaning                          5£

How do we work?

About Our Prices

  • You can check how much will cost you our service based on our price list above
  • If your needs are bigger or just different then in our price list above, tell us about it, and we make for you interesting offer

Once you know the price and agreed with that. We book day and time convenient for you when we do service.

About Our Routine

There are a few steps what makes our routine.

  • At the day of cleaning, we will ask you to give us access to water and electricity
  • We prepare our equipment,
  • We test your upholstery if it’s compatible with our cleaning product, so we know which one is the best to provide you with the best cleaning effect.
  •  Deep hoovering
  •  Pre-spray cleaning area
  •  If necessary we spray stain removal for hard cleaning areas
  • Brush cleaning area to push cleaning product deep into the material (if the material is suitable) and we leave it for 20 min to let the product work
  • Start hot water washing based on an injection-extraction process with added our cleaning product and extra free odour fresh deodorizer
  • If any stains remain we will use strong stain removal, but only with your permission and if it’s suitable and safe for your upholstery
  • If needed we do second extraction process to leave you upholstery as less wet as is possible.
  •  We will invite you to show you cleaned area. Once you are happy with our work we start packing our equipment

We may ask you for permission to make a few photos of your upholstery to put it on our website and if you require Upholstery Stain Blocker what is gonna work as an invisible shield for your upholstery.